Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Locker Let Down

The start of junior high school is a time when a child becomes a pre-teen; it’s a major change for kids and their parents. To signify this monumental step in development, said student is assigned their first locker. At least that’s how it’s been for generations. But now at the start of the 2012 school year, the powers that be have decided my son should not be allowed this right of passage.
My 11 year old has spent all summer clearing his head for school looking for more knowledge to fill it. In anticipation of a new school and a new school year, he has picked through all the Nickelodeon and Disney Channel-themed school supplies and is ready to fill a fresh new Phineas and Ferb backpack with all his supplies so he can stuff it in his locker. Then comes the letter. He will have to carry all those notebooks, erasers, glue, writing utensils, etc. with him all day long, but not in that backpack. Only mesh and see-through backpacks are allowed on campus.  And no lockers. But, dear parents, don’t worry about the textbooks because the schools will be issuing two copies of each book (except math), one for home and one to remain in the classroom. Wow, I’m glad there’s so much money available for this brilliant idea, when just a year ago any teacher that had been with the district less than three years was “let go” because of budget cuts. You have to ask…what is the deal?
 My children attend school in Katy, Texas where the locker ban has been enforced district-wide in junior high. Many parents are scratching their heads over the new policy. It’s not like the suburban school district is rampant with gang activity or crack sales. So, why the ban? The district is saying the policy is in place to add time to the academic schedule. I call that a load as big as King Kong’s backside.
I went to school in the same district. Though it was a few years back…alright decades…we all had the coveted lockers in the sixth grade. My daughter, who is 16 months older than my son, had her first locker last year in the same school my son is moving into. Oh yeah, she won’t have a locker this year either. No one gets a locker in the Katy middle schools. And why are they only allowed clear or mesh backpacks to carry around? Does the transparency of the sack add learning time too? Well, they will all be 12 minutes smarter, but sporting a curved spine from lugging their supplies everywhere.
Where has the common sense gone in schools? We must hope that the bright minds in the school district aren’t asked to help in other areas of government or we might end up with police that can’t carry guns. Someone, please step forward and explain the insanity to this humble writer.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Olympics are American Gold

I've spent the last six nights sitting in front of the tube watching the summer games in London. They have been a blast. Of course my country is doing exceptionally well. Yeah I know the Chinese are ahead in gold metals but it seems to me that the U.S. own the pool.  Of course the girls in the gym rocked to a team gold as well. We can shot skeet like nobodys business. So whats next for the U.S. of A.With our volleyball guys and gals preforming like champions and the basketball team is loaded with talent. We could walk away with the most gold if we keep up the pace, and the Chinese falter a little.

One last thing. Micheal Phelps has the most gold and he is an American. Go team U.S.A.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The World of Counterculture A List of Stoner Comedy

I have recently heard some people find comedy about drug users to be distasteful. With all the movies, television shows and books where the characters get high how could someone take a stance that humor found in the dim witted stoner is reprehensible?

A list of my favorite stoner comedies

1. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas ( novel and film in that order)
2. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle
3. Totally Baked: A Pot-U-Mentary
4. Up in Smoke
5. Super High Me

How about you?